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Kate has continued to do great work in my classroom. She spends tons of time with my students, working with me and just involved with the school in general. She has recently also begun helping with our ski program, where she has been a great inspiration and example for all of the kids. All of my students, the parents and other teachers love Kate and all of the positive things she brings to my classroom! The girl is amazing!

-Brad Stansberry (aka: Mr. Stans), Fifth grade teacher at Hemingway Elementary School
Ketchum, ID

Zoila is such an inspiration for my athletes. I hope all the athletes in your program are just as committed.

-Chris Carroll, Head Cross-Country and Track Coach at Zuni High School
Zuni, NM

Matt has been a great blessing to the program...He has been very good with the kids and the parents are very happy to have him as part of the Staff...His presence has helped to make the program better...I would have to say I don’t know what I would do with out him. Thank you for him.

-Curtis Jackman, Head Coach of the Cambridge Jets Youth Track Club
Cambridge, MA

Karl has been a positive role model for all our members and families. He has a lot to offer others and has been fun to work with over this quarter.

-John Hardamen, Supervisor at the Jack Cornelius Boys and Girls Club
South Minneapolis, MN

Laura continues to be an inspiration to the students in my class...She is very talented, but most importantly, she’s made a great connection with my students and given them the rare gift of a young person as a role model...This kind of connection to an athlete role model is invaluable.

-Dallas Price, Sixth grade teacher at Sand Lake Elementary School
Anchorage, AK

Kate [Whitcomb] has been a wonderful addition to my classroom. She is...the highlight of my students’ days. The kids absolutely love her and see it as quite a treat to have a professional skier working with them and taking such an interest in their lives. She is in constant contact with my students; she emails us from wherever she is training or racing and is quick to respond back to the emails my students write her. I am extremely pleased to have Kate working with me and I know my students think she is wonderful as well!

-Brad Stansberry, Fifth grade teacher at Hemingway Elementary School
Ketchum, ID

Zack [Simons’] consistent presence has had a very positive effect on the students he has been around. I think it is very good for kids to see high-level athletes as regular human beings on a day-to-day basis and to get to interact with them. I believe this makes the possibility of obtaining this level a little more obtainable, if that is what [the students] aspire to. Zack has done a great job with this and I think this is a great program!

-Jeff Schwalbe, PE teacher at Ecker Hill Middle School
Park City, UT

With Tim [Broe]’s knowledge and enthusiasm, we feel our young adults will gain not only knowledge in the sport but also receive character modeling as well. Tim is the true role model of...professionalism leading young people to strive for the stars...We feel fortunate to have [Tim] working with our student-athletes providing leadership and direction.

- Paul Whittington, Principal of East Peoria Community High School
East Peoria, IL

The students were really inspired by you and are really excited about your upcoming Olympic trials… I would love to have you visit again if you are able. Thanks again for visiting with our class. It meant a lot to the kids.

-Christina Dare, Teacher at Rosebank Elementary School
Chula Vista, CA in a letter to Mike Hazle

Kate [Whitcomb] is doing a wonderful job. She is very comfortable around kids and they respond to her really well. She will be doing a little "show and tell" with the kids on Friday, I believe she is bringing her roller skis. The kids seemed really interested in them...[Kate] will be a great asset for the kids in our program. We are excited to have her on board.

-Dave Keir, Director of Blaine County Recreation Department
Ketchum, ID

Tim [Broe] is a tremendously respected figure in our community, and the athletes in our track and field program are extremely excited to have the opportunity to have Tim train and mentor them…There is an early excitement around our program that I haven’t seen in my coaching tenure at East Peoria High School…He is a deserving and generous individual who will make a difference in our community.

-Kristen D’Alfonso, Head Girls Track and Field Coach at East Peoria Community High School
East Peoria, IL

The response from the athletes has been outstanding, as they are very excited to be working with not only a distinguished alumnus, but also an Olympian. EPCHS is very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Tim [Broe]. He is the epitome of a track athlete, and a living legend to our students…he is very professional and has been a huge asset to our track programs. Tim even came and gave a short motivational speech to my struggling varsity basketball team before they went to the Regionals. He’s doing a great job!

-Lori Laredo, Co-Athletic Director of East Peoria Community High School
East Peoria, IL

[Zack] has really taken an active role by engaging with the kids. He has been a big help to us and the kids have really responded positively to his presence.

-Jeff Schwalbe, Teacher at Ecker Hill International Middle School
Park City, UT

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