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In the Arena wishes to extend a special note of gratitude to the photographers who allowed us to use their images on this site:

Clint Clemens is responsible for most of the stunning lifestyle and athletic photos featured on the homepage, all of which continue to take our breath away every time we see them. Not only are the images arresting, but it requires significant mental gymnastics just to figure out how Clint got himself in a position to take a few of the shots. He’s a consummate professional and an innovator in the field, and we are hugely grateful for his generous contributions to our work.

Chris Milliman of contributed photos of mountain bike, cyclo-cross, road bike, track, crew, speedskating and Nordic ski racing. All of them remind us of the grace, the beauty and the power of sport. Many thanks to Chris for having the wisdom to take the photos and the magnanimity to lend them to us.

Victah Sailer of photorun.NET took the photos of Tim Broe leading the Athens Olympic 5000m final. Yes, that’s Hicham El Guerrouj, Craig Mottram and Kenenisa Bekele behind Tim. Victah also took the Athens Olympic steeplechase photo, which we defy you to ponder without experiencing wonder at the runners’ fluidity if not also awe at Victah’s skills. He also took the photos of Sara Hall winning the 2006 Fifth Avenue Mile and then standing post-race draped in the American flag, perennial favorites both.

Cheryl Treworgy of contributed photos of javelin thrower Mike Hazle; Porter Gifford took the shot of Zinnia Hull in the ski goggles; Joanne Stout of Veterans Park Recreation Center took some photos of one of the Arena programs happening in Chula Vista. To them and all the unnamed parents, supporters and amateur photographers who contributed to the inspiring aesthetics of our site: thank you.